Druidry, Faery Witchery

Creating a Spiritually Rich Garden

It’s literally been a month since my last blog entry. I really need to get it together, or as the cliché goes, get with the program.

Nevertheless, it’s still way to rainy to begin the work of turning my backyard weed patch into the kind of a lush garden that a Druid wannabe can take pride and thus drop wannabe from my self image. In the meantime, I’ve been thinking a lot about my own spirituality, where I’m at and where I’d like to be. And, of course, the garden is a significant part of that.

I’ve been examine my personal beliefs, trying to put a label on it. Not to pidgin hole myself, but rather to try and get a handle on where my spirituality is at. I’m reminded of the Kenny Rodgers song from the 60’s, I just “Dropped in to see what condition my condition was in.” As a pagan, I’m of course, a polytheist having outgrown that image of the big guy in the sky a long time ago with the realization that nature is not monotheistic, but rather has many faces. However, I’ve come to realize that it goes further than that. Not only is nature, something an abstract notion in itself, fully and spiritually alive, so is the stuff of nature, the things all around us.

Now, I hate to admit that I have five cats. Midnight, my one solidly black cat, likes to jump up on my lap whenever I sit down and take a nap. Whenever I pet him, I can literally feel the presence of spirit, his life-force so to speak. But isn’t there also a life force present in the earth itself, and in the trees and the grasses and even in the weeds? I also realize that the spiritual presence I sense in Midnight is not the same spiritual presence that’s within me or my daughter. We each have our own. Isn’t that equally true with the things of nature as well.Do not individual things have their own individual spirits? But what about inanimate object like rocks and mountain tops. Are they not in their own way alive? I think there’s a label for that as well. It called animism, the belief that each and every thing around has its own individual and unique spirit, a spirit appropriate for the thing itself.

And that, of course, beings me back to the idea of my soon to be garden and what it means spiritually. My objective is to create a garden spot that’s both spiritually and lush, making it a home for local critters as well as a pleasant floral home for any of the good faeries that chose to reside in my neighborhood.

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